im a rocker.. that's all.. this haven, mostly for the Gazette.. otherS? Miyavi, Mejibray, other Jrocks, some Black Veil Brides..
My edits music is my ultimate addiction
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Gazette - Filth in the Beauty - Uruha

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the signs as criminals


aries: assassin
taurus: money laundering
gemini: con artist
cancer: killer
leo: violent protest leader
virgo: burglar
libra: murderer
scorpio: cult leader
sagittarius: pick pocket
capricorn: fraud
aquarius: hacker
pisces: drug dealer


Miyavi & Ruki♥♥♥




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You are not designed for everyone to like you.
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My goal is to be that rich single aunt that flies everywhere and wears designer clothing and brings expensive gifts to her less successful family members